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Whole In One Golf League

Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

1. Eligibility:   Participants must be within the specified age range for the junior golf tournament.
                      Proof of age may be required during registration.


2. Registration: All participants must register before the specified deadline.
                           Registration forms must be completed accurately, including emergency contact information.


3. Code of Conduct:  Participants are expected to display sportsmanship and respect for fellow competitors,                                           officials, and spectators.  Any form of unsportsmanlike conduct may result in penalties or                                         disqualification.
4. Attire:  Participants are required to adhere to the tournament's dress code.
                 -Appropriate golf attire, including collared shirts and non-metal spiked golf shoes, is typically                                     mandatory. 

                  -Inappropriate attire would include tank tops, t-shirts, denim shorts, short shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts                       or jeans.  If dressed inappropriately, the course can refuse the right to let you play      

5. Equipment:  Each participant is responsible for their own clubs, balls, and other necessary golf equipment.
                           Sharing of equipment during the tournament is not allowed.


6. Tee Times:  Tee times will be assigned and communicated to participants in advance.  Participants must be                            at their designated tee box at least 10 minutes before their scheduled tee time.   Groups will be                                expected tee off at their time even if there is a late participant.  That participant will be added to                             the group once they get there.  See scramble rules below for more. 

7. Pace of Play:  All participants are expected to maintain a reasonable pace of play.
                             Slow play may result in penalties.


8. Scoring:   There will be a designated scorer for each group.  Scorecards must be signed by the designated                            scorer and returned to the League staff.

9. Rules of Golf:   The tournament will adhere to the official Rules of Golf as set forth by the governing golf     

                                authority.  Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these rules.

10. Disputes and Decisions:  Any disputes must be brought to the attention of leauge officials promptly.
                                                   Decisions of the tournament officials are final.


11. Distance Measuring DevicesRange finders and electronic measuring devices are allowed    


12. Awards:  Prizes and awards will be presented based on tournament results.   The award ceremony will follow                                   the completion of the league event.

13. Parental Involvement:  Parents are welcome to attend but must observe from a reasonable distance to                                                       avoid interference.  By participating in the junior golf tournament, all players and their                                               parents/guardians acknowledge their understanding and agreement to abide by                                                     these rules and regulations. Failure to comply may result in penalties, disqualification,                                                 or other disciplinary  actions deemed appropriate by league officials.

14. Cancellations -  Any cancellations 48 or more days before the tournament date will be refunded less a $25                                       cancellation fee.   No refunds or credits will be issued for no-shows or cancellations less                                           than a 48 hours prior to the event

In general, tournament registrations are non-refundable. Some are refundable before a certain date. This information is listed in every tournaments’ Info page. All cancellations are subject to a processing fee. For medical related reason, player must contact the tournament director whose contact can be found on the tournament’s Info page. Refunds based on any requests will be decided on a case by case basis by the Director at the host event.

  • Up until 2 weeks prior to the event, entry fee is refundable, $15 fee processing fee.

  • Up until 1 week prior to the event, 50% of entry fee (rounds up to the $) is refundable.

  • Thereafter, no refund. (Exemption for medical emergency requires doctor’s note no later than 48 hours after the event and refund is up to 50% of entry fee)

  • Withdrawal during the tournament: All registered players for an event who do not complete a stipulated round during the event (unless a medical condition is documented in writing by a physician within one week of the event) will be classified as WD without refund.


15. Inclement Weather  - Whole In on League will go on rain or shine. Every effort will be made to complete all 9                                                holes of the competition. Play will only be suspended, rescheduled or canceled if the                                                  course staff deems the golf course unplayable or there is a dangerous situation. The                                                event may be delayed to wait out any passing conditions. Participants that choose                                                    not to play will not be eligible for a  refund.

                                    -weather will be monitored by the league officials and golf course staff

                                     -If the field does not finish 9 holes, the Whole In One League officials will work                                           with the course to determine the facility's normal refund/rain check policy

Scramble Rules

1. Team Composition:  Teams consist of four players.  Each player hits a tee shot, and the                                                  team selects the best shot to play from.

2. Tee Shots:  Each team member must contribute at least one tee shot to the team's       
                       selected shots during a round.

3. Ball Placement:  Once the team selects the best tee shot, all players place their balls     
                                 within one club length (no closer to the hole) of the selected spot

                                    -Scramble format allows players to move the ball 1 club length no closer to the                                                hole but must remain in the same area of the golf course

                                    ​Example: you may move the ball from rough to fairway but cannot move the ball                                                          from a penalty area or bunker to another part of the golf course

4. Order of Play:   After the initial tee shot, the team decides the order of play for subsequent                                  shots.  This order can change from shot to shot, but each player must play                                  their shot from the chosen location.

5. Minimum Drives:  Some scrambles have a rule requiring a minimum number of drives from                                     each team member to be used during the round. 

6. Putting:  On the putting green, the team chooses the best spot to putt from, and all players                     putt from that location.

7. Handicaps:  Handicap strokes, if applicable, are generally applied to the team's total score                           at the end of the round.

8. Scoring:   The team's score for each hole is the total number of strokes it took to complete                         the hole.  The team with the lowest total score at the end of the round is the                               winner.

9. Mulligans:  No mulligans are allowed.

10. Time Limits:  Teams are expected to keep up with the pace of play to ensure the                                               tournament progresses smoothly.

11. Handicaps:  Handicap strokes, if applicable, are generally applied to the team's total score                           at the end of the round.

12. Playoff:   In the event of a tie, we will use the Whole In One League tie breaker to determine

                     the winner 

13.  Playoff Tie Breaker - in the event of 2 groups with the same score after 9 hole the                                                          following tie breaker will be used

                                                   -Holes 5-9 will be compared; if still tied,

                                                         -Holes 7-9 will be compared;  if still tied,

                                                         -The score for the 9th hole only will be used, and then continued                                                                         backwards by comparing the 8th hole only, 7th hole only, etc. until a                                                                 winner has been determined.

These rules provide a framework for an enjoyable and competitive Four-Man Golf Scramble. Specific events may have additional or modified rules, so participants should familiarize themselves with any tournament-specific regulations.

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