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Joshua Creek Golf

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The Whole In 1 Summer Golf Camp at Joshua Creek Range is designed to teach young golfers the fundamentals of the sport. These clinics are led by experienced WI1GC instructors and are aimed at children and teenagers who are just starting out or who want to improve their skills.   Participants will learn basic fundamentals of the game, including how to grip and swing the club, proper stance and posture, and how to hit different types of shots as well as short game instruction focusing on putting, chipping and pitching.   These clinics will help develop golf skills by keeping the experience fun and exciting through the use of games and activities.  Come join us for our newest program offering at Joshua Creek Range.

Girl with Golf Club

-4 day camps - 2 hours each day
-Daily instruction and education on all elements of the game
-Fun and exciting games and competitions daily
-Kids will be grouped by age or as requested 
-Approx. 6:1 Student to Teacher ratio

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$175 + Hst

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